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Thank you for choosing Raxxar Digital Marketing to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign! Please review the questions below and fill them out to the best of your ability. This helps to provide a deep insight into your business, its structure, operations, goals and more. Yes, there are several questions, but providing as much detail as possible upfront allows us to fine-tune your campaigns and ads to make them as highly-targeted as possible. If you have any questions, please call or email your dedicated Raxxar Digital Marketing account manager or email us at¬†[email protected]

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  • Basic Information

    The information requested below is the most necessary for a marketing campaign and will be shared consistently throughout the internet. Be sure to type every detail with proper capitalization and punction marks, as we will display the information provided verbatim.
  • Your client's business name. Include the full descriptive name of the business including location (if part of a franchise), any LLC, inc. or otherwise legal text you may include at the end of your business name.
  • This is how a local resident may refer to your business. What is the common name for your business around your area?
  • Your clients full name (we use this on directories/citations).
  • Please provide your client's accurate physical location address (same as used on the GMB). This is most commonly the business' main office location, somewhere that a customer can travel to for help in person (if applicable).
  • Your clients website (the one we're going to optimize and rank).
  • Provide the email the business wants its customers to contact if they have questions. This email will be used to register future online accounts for online profiles, so it will be the account that receives verification emails. *Be sure that you can access this email before we begin the account creation process.
  • Please enter all email addresses where monthly performance reports should be sent.
  • Your client's business phone number. This should also be the phone number that call-tracking forwards to.