Quick Twitter Exercise for Brands

Here is some great Twitter info!
The title is “ Quick Twitter Exercise for Brands” and its basically a rundown of how to give your company some edge in the twitter world.  In this article it’s a 4 Step process.

Here’s a quick overview of the steps.

1.     Set Your Clear Intention
2.     Ban The Bio Hazards
3.     Run a Few Tools to Improve Engagement
4.     Follow a Shareable Tweet Checklist

Now you might be asking what does all this really means?  Take some time and read this article and I bet you end up learning something.  Just keep in mind that there is an art in using twitter, you always want to offer good material, advice and an honest opinion.

I recommend this to all my clients as things are always changing and we all need to keep up with technology and “the system”

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