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Because each client we work with is unique, we create a custom plan for each client based on their actual needs and budget. Our Search Engine Optimization plans start at $1000 per month. Larger clients with more competition can expect to spend more. But, because we test, track, and tweak our campaigns, we deliver value and fully expect you to have a positive return on your investment.

This is a difficult question to answer, because each keyword has a different amount of competition. Other factors may include your current domain authority and it’s current link profile. To explain it simply, a local, established roofing company that wants to rank for “Roofing Company Lafayette” is going to be much easier and will rank much faster than a brand new nationwide company that wants to rank for “Roofing Company.”

We are located in Crowley, Louisiana, which is just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. However, we have clients stretching across all 50 states in the US, Canada, England, Scotland, and Australia. We are happy to serve a variety of business, both small and large, in all kinds of industries.

Google has been cracking down on websites with un-natural linking. This happens with you hire a link-building company who participates in what is called “Black Hat Methods”. Generally it involves artificially creating hundreds or thousands of incoming links from websites that are not trusted by Google.

Our efforts are considered “white hat” and are fully transparent. We will show you what we are doing for your site. It generally involves creating great content that your prospective customers will love and share.

Most SEO firms get caught up in the rankings game. They believe that getting top rankings is the ONLY way to generate more business for you, without any regard for knowing if that additional traffic actually brings you more revenue. We carefully measure and analyze our efforts so not only do you gain new traffic, you also make more money. After all, isn’t that why you’re doing this in the first place?


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