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Every business can benefit from Digital Marketing, but not every business can afford it. Likewise, anybody can learn about marketing, but teaching yourself a new skill takes time (and in turn, costs money). At Raxxar, we have decades of combined experience in digital marketing, content marketing, lead generation and internet marketing strategies. A professional marketing consultant at Raxxar can teach you step-by-step what the internet can do for your business and how to take the reins when it comes to developing your own online presence

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What most marketing consultants will tell you that we won’t.

Any other marketing consultant only want one thing – your precious income. To get it, they will tell you anything to convince you, such as “You can see increased profits just one month”, “digital marketing is easy” and most misleading: “We can get you ranked in the #1 spot, quickly and indefinitely”. The harsh reality is that nobody can promise you these things. Rankings improve (and fall) gradually over time.

Digital marketing may be easy to the savant, but even the pros get stumped once in a while. Most importantly, nobody can promise you the #1 spot in Google all the time. Raxxar’s team of experienced marketers have time and time again seen the pitfalls that companies are lured into by shady marketers. Learn the facts, call Raxxar and speak to a marketing consultant today.

What marketing is to the most successful companies and what it isn’t.

Regardless of what you know about marketing, what marketing is has never changed: marketing is the process of teaching your customer about your brand. However, the method of marketing rarely remains consistent, and a well-versed marketing consultant can keep up-to-date with these changes. Often, a business owner may believe that all forms of marketing are necessary to be successful, and quickly learn that this approach is costly and wholly unsuccessful.

An expert marketing consultant at Raxxar understands that any successful marketing campaign must first have a clear goal that can be measured, such as revenue in sales or amount of inquiries over a time period. Next, a significant amount of research must be done on the topic, the ideal customer, and the industry as a whole to learn of trends and preferences in the recent years. Lastly, all marketing campaigns must be measured for success, audited to find opportunities for improvement, and reported back to the client to convey the ROI of the campaign.

How a Marketing Consultant works with your business


The point of attraction is anything from an email to a piece of media or a web-page and even company branding can be used to attract customers.


Anybody can attract a crowd, but making a sale is the more delicate next step. We understand the strategy that turns ‘just browsing’ into a ‘happy customer’.


Our website and programs are designed to convert a larger percentage of customers, convincing them to buy, inquire, or engage, depending on your KPI.


The best way to do business is with loyal customers. Our long-term nurture strategies will follow up with potential and past customers to try and sell them on a similar or new product.

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Case Studies from a few of our successful clients

Get inspired with some of our success Case Studies.

Dixie Darlins – Online Handmade Jewelry Store
When we first met with the craft artists Dixie Darlins, we were presented with their online store that worked well enough, but needed an update. In just a few short months, we have now created a fully functioning eCommerce store that keeps track of stock, sends follow-up receipts, suggests additional products and is simple enough to use for any employee to be well versed in minutes. It is safe to say that Dixie Darlins now has the opportunity to expand and scale their operation to quantities that were simply too much to handle before
Arizona Provider Training
The team at APT came to us with a huge dilemma: they were doing business on an outdated platform that couldn’t keep pace with the current industry standard.  We were able to build a custom, expansive website for the providers and trainees themselves.  The new site has a smart calendar, payment processing and the capabilities to code in any new functionality needed at any time.  Needless to say, Arizona Provider Training now has a website that fits their needs.

Improve Your Online Marketing and Attract More Customers

It’s time to stop wasting money on promises of more traffic, higher rankings, and overall more sales. Many one-stop solutions seem to be the answer to your marketing woes, but end up being a list of problems all their own, on top of costing you money. Raxxar Digital Marketing understands business growth and which solutions your business needs to operate in a growing industry. Contact a Marketing Consultant at our firm to start opening up your business potential.

“We wanted to express great thanks and appreciation for [Lyn] and our new partnership.  After the first 30 day optimization and major overhaul to our Google campaigns, we experienced great ad cost savings and almost a 50% growth in sales for December.  Unbelievable! [His] continued work has still decreased ad spend with triple impression exposure. Even with earlier and cheaper crawfish prices, [Lyn’s] efforts definitely explain sales of double and triple over last year.  [He is] so easy to work with and beyond knowledgeable in SEO and Adwords. [His] communication and response time is unheard of in [this] industry and quite frankly a breath of fresh air! We can’t understand how we did without [him] and are confident the partnership we have will continue to grow our business for years to come.”

David and Avery McGraw

Owner/ Operators, LA Crawfish

“Not only is my website gorgeous, functional, easy to use, professional and absolutely shows the LOVE I have for my puppies, It has DOUBLED my profit!!! WOW!! I had hoped that It would make a difference in my sales and boy it DID!! My new website has decreased the amount of time on the phone with customers answering questions. So not only has my website increased my profit, it has freed up invaluable time that I can spend with my family.”

Brittany Smith

Owner, Princess Puppies

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