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The internet is a competitive market. Search engine rankings directly affect your sales and your business income. One way to improve your rankings is to work with Raxxar Digital Marketing, the search engine authority. Through Digital Marketing, you can increase your visibility across search engines like Google and even social media profiles like Facebook or LinkedIn

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Improve your Rankings, Sales and Success with Digital Marketing

The internet is a competitive market. Search engine rankings dominate the industry, and you may not know where to start with your business. Our professional team at Raxxar has your road-map to success and the first page of search results. Our Digital Marketing Plans include the following:

Digital Marketing Consultation

“If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself”.  At Raxxar you will be provided resources such as video tutorials and webinars to help you understand the ins and outs of the online business and digital marketing world. We put you on the path to succeeding in your industry. We will walk you through everything step by step until you can call yourself an experienced internet marketer and proud, successful business owner.

Online Advertising

Just as with billboards and commercials you see in real life, the internet hosts many paid advertisement opportunities placing your business right in in the eyes of your audience. Google search results pages and Facebook are just two of the biggest places that paid advertisement has been proven effective.  At Raxxar, we can add your business to all the major search engines and advertising platforms to get your business where it will be seen.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to interact with your consumer base. Prove to your customers that you are the authority in your market with entertaining and engaging posts.  Social media gives you the opportunity to engage more personally with your audience, giving them the opportunity to see what your business is about, what products or services you can offer them and why they need to become your customer versus the competition.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing itself cannot be pinned down to one simple task: it is a mixture of link building, content marketing and professional website management. We create simple, easily published content to share across the web that is read by search engine bots who ‘crawl’ your website and learn more about your business and what you do. We build websites that give these bots as much information as possible.


How Digital Marketing Works for Your Business Goal

Digital Marketing utilizes many very common channels including emails, search engines and social media profiles to advertise for your business.

Social Media

Do your customers ‘like’ your business, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…? The list goes on forever!  With so many platforms, it can be overwhelming to market consistently across all sites. Raxxar simplifies this process for you through automated digital marketing systems that keep you connected to your social media followers easily and consistently, so your team can focus on the bigger picture.


Just opened a new store, hosting an event at your location or just need to spread the word about your business? We can shout your message across the internet! Using digital marketing content like press releases, info-graphics, videos and more, we can create a virtual presence for your message, thus allowing you to be seen and heard by as many users as possible.


The goal of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is to be sure that your website shows up when customers search for your product. If your website is unclear, unsafe, loads slowly or is broken in the slightest, customers will have difficulties getting to the point of sale and may look elsewhere. Our digital marketing team can optimize your site to be ready for high traffic and search engine rankings!

Email Marketing

Once you gather a following online, it is pivotal to continually give them something to talk about. Email marketing is a simple, proven method to reach previous and potential clients. Our team delivers consistent, informative content on a regular schedule through email campaigns in order to keep your business in the mind of your customers.

Digital Technology

We have the knowledge to keep you running in the digital industry. Often, computer-based applications can be confusing and hard to work with. We have a trained team of coders, designers and web-specialists who research digital solutions and understand the tools to help you achieve success.  Our team motto is “Your success is our success!”


Digital marketing only has an impact when coupled with Content Marketing. We create visual, engaging content that paints a simple picture to your audience of a professional business that gets it. Digital media offers a flexible medium for advertisement that will capture your audience in the most widely used channel for information in today’s society.

Improve your Digital Marketing and Attract More Customers

The first page of Google’s organic search listings offer valuable traffic and astounding reach that could boost your business to the sky! Make sure that your business and business website have the resources to hold under critical conditions. Our all-inclusive internet marketing service offers a team of experienced, professional digital marketers who can troubleshoot, identify problems, build and fix almost any website and do just about anything else you can think of.

“We wanted to express great thanks and appreciation for [Lyn] and our new partnership.  After the first 30 day optimization and major overhaul to our Google campaigns, we experienced great ad cost savings and almost a 50% growth in sales for December.  Unbelievable! [His] continued work has still decreased ad spend with triple impression exposure. Even with earlier and cheaper crawfish prices, [Lyn’s] efforts definitely explain sales of double and triple over last year.  [He is] so easy to work with and beyond knowledgeable in SEO and Adwords. [His] communication and response time is unheard of in [this] industry and quite frankly a breath of fresh air! We can’t understand how we did without [him] and are confident the partnership we have will continue to grow our business for years to come.”

David and Avery McGraw

Owner/ Operators, LA Crawfish

“Not only is my website gorgeous, functional, easy to use, professional and absolutely shows the LOVE I have for my puppies, It has DOUBLED my profit!!! WOW!! I had hoped that It would make a difference in my sales and boy it DID!! My new website has decreased the amount of time on the phone with customers answering questions. So not only has my website increased my profit, it has freed up invaluable time that I can spend with my family.”

Brittany Smith

Owner, Princess Puppies

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