Dennis Crowley of Foursquare On Social Search, Platforms And Rivals

What exactly is Foursquare?  Are you using it for your business?

Ingrid Lunden interviewed Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he met with 33 different companies.

A few of her questions include:

1.  How much are you using check-ins as a business service, for lead generation? How is that working out?

2.  Are you looking for native device integration anywhere, along the lines of what, say, Twitter has on iOS?

3.  I’ve been thinking about how Facebook has pulled back from providing so much data to third parties that it sees as competing with it, and wonder if we might be approaching a time when developers may look elsewhere for their social graph data. Do you think you could be an alternative? Do you see yourselves as an anti-Facebook?

Read the answers to these questions plus 13 more here:
Dennis Crowley Of Foursquare On Social Search, Platforms And Rivals | TechCrunch