Case Study Content Writing

You can use success stories from your clients that you already have to showcase your brand's expertise and get new leads. Our writers will review your information and create a case study that highlights your specific skills.


What you get when working with us

  • We’ll write copy for one 1000-word case study for your business.
  • We’ll send you the copy to your email using Google Docs.
  • We’ll complete one round of revisions.
  • We’ll send you regular reports on the progress of your project.

How Do you get started?

  • To help get us started, we will require you to complete a project questionnaire. It is essential that we have this questionnaire before we can start to work.
  • It is important to include detailed information about your business, the client, the solution desired, and any relevant links. The more information provided, the better the final product and speed of delivery.

  • High-Quality, Professionally-Written Case Study
  • SEO Optimized by Trusted Experts
  • Clean HTML Formatting following SEO and ADA Best Practices
  • Fulfilled by Experienced Digital Experts
  • Vetted, Experienced Niche Writers


  • What kind of information do I need to provide for the case study? What if I don’t have it?
    You’ll need to provide as much detailed information as possible about what your business does and the client you want featured in the case study. This includes describing the client’s problem, what solution you provided to the client to resolve their problem, what the client’s goals were, how you met those goals, and what results the client received from your solution. It’s best if you can provide specific data and client feedback, plus any relevant visuals or examples. If you don’t have this information yet, you’ll need to spend some time gathering it before purchasing this service.
  • Will the writing style match my brand?
    We will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your brand. This will allow us to match our writing style. Please let us know if you have any specific guidelines for the content of your brand's website when you fill out your questionnaire.
  • Will you design a layout for the case study page?
    This service does not include layout design.
  • How will you deliver the case study to me? Who posts them?
    We will send you the case study via email and a Google Docs link. You can then add the case study to your website once you have received it.
  • Do you have experience with writing case studies in my industry?
    We can usually accommodate most industries' unique requirements. Our professionals have extensive experience in writing for a variety of industries. To ensure we are knowledgeable about your industry, we conduct research at the start of every project. Please let us know if you have any special requirements for your case study.
  • Will you create custom images for the case study?
    This service does not include imagery creation.
  • Can I request revisions once the first draft is written?
    es. We offer one round for revisions that can change up to 25% of the total conten. Revisions must be requested within one week of the first draft being sent.
  • How do I get started?
    It's easy to get started. To give us all the information we need, you will fill out a brief form after you have completed your purchase. You will receive an email within 1-2 business days after the form has been submitted, to let you know that we are getting started on your case study and to clarify any questions we may have.